Platform for privacy

We are launching very soon
Why Stegos?
Confidential transactions

Stealth addresses

Zero-knowledge proofs

Snowball, our own
implementation of

Unlinkable and
Scalable and
Horizontal scalability

State and transactional

Thousands of
transactions per

Original R&D,
not a fork
Fast and
in a few seconds

Old data and
discarded securely

Small enough to fit
on a smartphone
all the way
Run a full blockchain
node in your pocket
and earn tokens through
mobile staking

Fair gamified PoS lets
you win big even if you're
not a crypto whale!

No messing around with
insecure remote servers.
A secure mobile VM for
running HTML/CSS/
JavaScript apps
An incredibly easy
and secure way to make payments
and send data
The Stegos app integrates a wallet with a built-in chat
Create custom airdrops that anyone can claim by scanning a QR code. Red packets (hongbao) are a surprise payment that you can send to anyone
A secure mobile VM for running plugin applications written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A simple API for apps to exchange messages while completely abstracting away the underlying blockchain
Run a node on the smartphone in your pocket and earn tokens by helping maintain the Stegos network
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The Project
Joel Reymont
CEO, The Buck Stops With Me!
Joel is a seasoned hacker and blockchain pioneer. He started his career on Wall Street and brings twenty-five years of diverse software engineering and management experience to Stegos. Joel was previously Chief Technology Officer at a Top 100 cryptocurrency and blockchain company.
Vladimir Lebedev
VP of Engineering
Vladimir has over twenty-five years of experience in managing technology in fintech, telecom, and media companies. His pioneering credits include creating the first FidoNet node in Soviet Union, the first remote banking application using asymmetric keys cryptography in Russia, and the first ISP in Western Siberia.
David McClain, PhD
Chief Rocket Scientist
David is literally a rocket scientist. Trained in theoretical and observational astrophysics, in addition to computer science, he brings an incomparable and extraordinary five decades of unique programming expertise to the table.
Roman Tsisyk
Core Blockchain Team Lead
Roman is a database and distributed systems expert who enjoys working on the cutting edge of technology. Over his fifteen-years career in Telecom and Internet industries, he gained broad expertise in software engineering as well as team and product management skills.
Eugene Chupriyanov
Senior Software Engineer
Eugene is the Site Reliability Engineer at Stegos, taking care of our development and production infrastructure. Eugene has more than thirty years of experience in DevOps/SRE, beginning at the Siberian Branch of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences in the early days of the Internet.
Volodymyr Motylenko
Software Engineer
Volodymyr is a young but eager specialist in distributed systems, reverse engineering, cryptography and blockchains. His master`s thesis was focused on the design and implementation of a trusted platform module (TPM) for key and password management.
Drew Azarias
Growth Hacker
Drew is an industrial engineer who ventured into the marketing space in 2010. He has experience working for different multinational companies as well as startups alike doing growth marketing.
Q2 2019
Mainnet and native token
Q3 2019
Exchange sale
Q4 2019

Mobile staking
Q1 2020
App Store Private marketplaces Dandelion
Q2 2020
Pruning with no bootstrap nodes zk-STARKs
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