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Apr 24, 2019

Tech Report Apr, 8th - Apr, 19th

During the last two weeks our development team has been working hard to finalize major features of the upcoming testnet release.

The following tasks were completed in the period April,8th — April, 19th:


  • Kademlia DHT-based routing, Network, base networking functionality for unicast messages
  • Research xPIR, Experimental, research the possibility of using private information retrieval protocols to secure light nodes
  • Websocket Wallet API Enhancements
  • Fork Resolution, Consensus, this is an essential part of the consensus protocol
  • Rollback of Payment Transactions in Wallet, Wallet, this mechanism is needed due to fork resolution
  • Limit the Number of Outputs in a Block, Core Blockchain, required to prevent traffic jams in the network
  • Stabilize Network, Network, testing and bug fixing
  • Stabilize Consensus, Consensus, testing and bug fixing
  • Split 1 STG to 1 000 000 Units (microSTG), Core Blockchain, required to have fractional STG units

Plans for Sprint 15

  • Slashing, Consensus, punishing the cheating slot owner for publishing two different blocks on the same height
  • Re-Staking, Consensus, changing validators’ PBC keys related to staked tokens at the predetermined intervals
  • Service Awards, Core Blockchain, required to create an incentive for validators to be online
  • Key Encryption on the Disk, Wallet, implement safe storage of keys on disk
  • Finalize HashCash integration, Network, required to prevent DoS-attacks
  • Determine major blockchain constants: Maximum UTXOs per Block, Epoch Length & Block Time, Consensus, those are important parameters of the consensus protocol
  • Stress Testing: Transactional Load Generator, Testing, the part of test harness
  • Stress Testing: Multiple Regions, Network, launch nodes in multiple AWS regions to test consensus with real-life latencies
  • ValueShuffle: Bots, ValueShuffle, required to facilitate VS transactions in absence of enough VS transactions intents
  • Proof of UTXO Construction, Wallet, a feature allowing to prove that a particular transaction has taken place in the past
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