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Apr 15, 2019

“Tech Report Mar, 25th - Apr, 5th”

During the last two weeks our development team has been working hard to finalize major features of the upcoming testnet release.

The following tasks were completed in the period April, 2nd — April, 15th:

  • Investigate packet loss in libp2p, Network, fixing a bug with lost packets related to the usage of Cuckoo-filters
  • View Changes for Micro Blocks, Consensus, view change is an essential part of the consensus protocol
  • View Changes for Key Blocks, Consensus`, view change is an essential part of the consensus protocol
  • Determine Epoch Length && Block Time, Consensus, epoch length and block time are important parameters of the consensus protocol
  • HashCash Algorithm, Network, nodes have to solve HashCash puzzles in order to join the network to prevent Sybil attacks
  • Unicast Messages Encryption, Network, unicast messages traveling over Kademlia DHT network have to be encrypted
  • Test cases for block validation, Core Blockchain, part of the functional testing harness
  • RaptorQ Encoder/Decoder, Network, required to create optimized protocol for transmission of blocks/other large messages


  • Kademlia DHT-based routing, Network, base networking functionality for unicast messages
  • WebSocket API for Wallet. Wallet, needed to support GUI Wallet
  • Progress Tracking for Bootstrap, Wallet, needed to support GUI Wallet

Not yet started:

  • Unicast based on Kademlia DHT routing, Network
  • Rollback of Monetary Transactions in Wallet, Wallet, this mechanism is needed due to fork resolution
  • Multiple Transactions In A Row, Block Validation, allowing nodes to construct chained transactions on the same block height
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