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Apr 24, 2019

Testnet 5 Release

Stegos Testnet 5 Release Notes

Stegos creates cutting-edge technology that keeps your secrets safe from prying eyes so you feel empowered and secure.

This is the fifth testnet release of the Stegos blockchain. Changes since [Testnet 4]( /stegos/releases/tag/v0.4):

  • Added a fork resolution mechanism to consensus and improved handling of network partitions.
  • Implemented basic cheating detection of malicious validators in consensus (without punishment for now).
  • Significantly reduced the time of full sync with the network.
  • Switched to real peer-to-peer unicast messaging with NAT traversal support.
  • Extended WebSocket API to support notifications about blockchain status.
  • Fixed bugs and improved stability of consensus and network subsystems.

Breaking changes:

TestNet-5 release is not fully compatible with TestNet-4 release. Please reset your local database if you upgrading from the previous release:

rm -rf database/

Check the project plan for additional information.

Please join us on Telegram to get test tokens and let us know your thoughts.

Testnet node installation

Linux 64-bit:

curl -L -o stegos chmod a+x stegos ./stegos

macOS 64-bit:

curl -L -o stegos chmod a+x stegos ./stegos

Right after the start the node will print a lot of INFO messages with debugging information regarding bootstrapping your node. Press Enter to get stegos> prompt. To get help enter help command at the prompt.

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