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Jun 10, 2019

Mainnet Preview 1

Stegos Mainnet Preview 1 Release Notes

Stegos creates cutting-edge technology that keeps your secrets safe from prying eyes so you feel empowered and secure.

This is a first preview release of upcoming Stegos mainnet. This preview version is considered mostly feature-complete. All core features have been implemented, yet some improvements and bug fixes need to be made for the final release.

New in Stegos v0.8:

  • Created an innovative blockchain compression technology to remove intermediate intra-epoch blocks after reaching the final pBFT consensus in validators group. Together with blockchain pruning technology this makes Stegos the most compact blockchain ever.
  • Added Service Awards, a new incentive for validators to stay online. Each block contributes 1/3 of its reward into a special fund, which is periodically awarded to an arbitrary validator, which always stayed online since the last draw.
  • Reached 10x performance boost on Bulletproof validation. A single Bulletproof verification is now just 10 ms.
  • Increased performance of node synchronization and disk recovery from 200 to 6000 epochs per hour. We keep working on optimizing the underlying crypto-primitives in order to speed up the node sync more.
  • Fine-tuned blockchain constants to get a trade off between finality time and node synchronization time.
  • More bug fixing of HashCash protocol.
  • More bug fixing of fork resolution mechanism for micro blocks.
  • Introduced UTXO Timestamp Locking.
  • PublicPaymentUTXOs: introduced additional tx validation rules and implemented support for public payment UTXOs usage in the wallet.

See previous releases and the project plan for additional information.


If you upgrading from the previous release, please reset your blockchain database first:

rm -rf database/

Linux 64-bit:

curl -L -o stegos
chmod a+x stegos

macOS 64-bit:

curl -L -o stegos
chmod a+x stegos

Right after the start the node will print a lot of INFO messages with debugging information regarding bootstrapping your node. Press Enter to get stegos> prompt. To get help enter help command at the prompt.


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