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Jan 2, 2020

Stegos Discourse Forums Launch Announcement

The Stegos Discourse Forums Have Arrived!

Stegos is a unique privacy network with many advanced and unusual features. This places Stegos a cut above the rest of the crypto pack, but it can also make it tricky for newcomers to just jump in. And for those who already know their way around our blockchain, it can be hard to find a place to discuss advanced topics or find the answers to tricky questions. Our new Discourse forums are here to fix this. Join today, and help elevate the discussion to new heights!

We’ve had great success in 2019 interacting with our growing community and gathering feedback and advice. The recent hackathon is a great example. We’ve built a lively and engaged community on Telegram, and we plan to build on this success in a big way in 2020.

But while Telegram is perfect for lightweight chat and banter, it’s not much use for in-depth discussion about technical details or crucial topics like trading, staking and privacy.

The community deserves a more robust platform for discourse, and now, you’ve got it.

Introducing the Stegos Forums

This announcement marks the official launch of our Stegos Discourse forums! Whether its privacy and government surveillance, the game theory behind gamified Proof-of-Stake, how to get involved in marketing and promoting stegos, the best staking and trading strategy, or the real-world impact of Stegos private messaging applications, the Stegos forums will be the place to ask questions and find answers. And, like any healthy community, there will also be a dedicated space for off-topic talk and light banter.

Sign up for the forums here!

The forums are designed to be a high-value, no-bloat medium for more nuanced discourse about Stegos. We’ve set up some categories and sub-categories to help direct discussion, but we’re also interested to hear what you’d like to talk about. Send us your thoughts and we’ll add new categories.

The Stegos forums are available in English, Russian and Chinese.

What About Telegram?

Rest assured, we have no plans to phase out the official Stegos Telegram channel. Telegram is still a great resource for Q&A, general chatting and getting in touch with the team. In fact, we have big plans to improve our Telegram channels with more games, interactivity and automation thanks to the next version of Jerry, our beloved bot from the hackathon.

Like the forums, Telegram will continue to play an integral role in community interaction and engagement. And having clearly defined channels for different kinds of discussion will increase the value of each. The forums will provide an environment for no-BS Stegos exploration. Telegram will be more focused on quick, responsive interaction amongst the community and team. Everyone is welcome in both.

We hope to see you there!

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