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Jan 16, 2020

Wallet Upgrade and Bithumb Instructions

There is a lot happening with Stegos lately, and it’s just the beginning! A new wallet is out, and Bithumb Global is ready for trading. Follow the steps below to stay up-to-date with recent developments and keep your funds secure.

The news is out: Stegos is officially trading on Bithumb Global. With the new wallet upgrade, you’ll be able to seamlessly send STG to the exchange in order to trade freely. This is the first of a lot of exciting things to come — look out for more contests, developments, and announcements in the next few weeks!

Wallet Upgrade

First and foremost, a mandatory wallet upgrade has been released. Head to GitHub and follow along to install the most recent version, v1.2. This latest version gives you the option to send public transactions.

IMPORTANT: Public transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed freely by third parties. By default, transactions will still remain private. 

So why would you want to send a public STG transaction? This function is for niche cases where users are better off sending publicly (in the case of sending to an exchange, for example).

Trading on Bithumb Global

With the upgraded wallet, you’ll now be able to send and receive STG from official exchanges.

First and foremost, to trade on Bithumb, you’ll need an account. If you haven’t already done so, sign up here. Make sure to sign up with a secure email address and a strong, unique password that you can remember. You’ll also be prompted to integrate Two-Factor Authentication; we highly recommend that you do this as well.

You’ll be emailed an access code to verify your account and sign in for the first time. If you hover over your account name, a drop down menu will give you a list of links to follow. Click on deposits, and you’ll be taken to the designated deposits tab.

If you’re looking to deposit Bitcoin or some other asset to purchase STG, click through to that asset and follow the corresponding instructions.

When depositing STG, it is imperative that you send your funds to the specified address as a public transaction.

If you send your STG to Bithumb Global through a private transaction, you will create a massive headache for yourself and the exchange! Even worse, your deposit may never be credited! Make sure to avoid that tragedy by sending only public STG transactions to the exchange.

Deposits require some number of network confirmations to be credited to your account. Be patient, and don’t be too concerned if your deposits aren’t credited instantaneously.

When everything is ready to go, click on the “Spot” tab in the top left corner to get to altcoin markets. Type STG in the search box, and you’re ready to go!

Happy trading!

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