Bob's Spotlight
Bob's Spotlight

Bob is a hard-nosed journalist who investigates the most important stories in the world. He collaborates with colleagues on ground-breaking investigations that expose the truth and hold the powerful accountable. Bob has unmasked perpetrators of cross-border crime and corruption, smuggling by organized crime syndicates and the dealings of private military cartels.

Journalists like Bob face deadly threats from corrupt powers all around the world. Hundreds of journalists have been intimidated, jailed and murdered. And yet, Bob remains dedicated to his job. To make sure the story sees the light of day even if he loses his life, Bob needs private and confidential tools he can use to collaborate with his fellow journalists.

The app hides any evidence of Bob’s participation in the reporting until he is ready to publish his story.

Should anything happen to Bob, Spotlight will ensure that his collaborators have access to his research and that his work lives on.

  • Bob invites his fellow journalists to download the app and instantly connect with him.
  • Bob stores his documents, securely encrypted in the app, and uses it to share them with his collaborators.
  • Bob proposes stories to research, and can then safely and securely communicate, strategize, and back up his story.

Without Stegos Spotlight, Bob lived in fear of being stopped in the middle of his reporting, losing his work and not being able to break the most important story of his lifetime. With Spotlight, Bob knows that he uses a tool that will help him make our world safer and better, and that his legacy will live on.