Joel Reymont
CEO, The Buck Stops With Me!
Joel is a seasoned hacker and blockchain pioneer. He started his career on Wall Street and brings twenty-five years of diverse software engineering and management experience to Stegos. Joel was previously Chief Technology Officer at a Top 100 cryptocurrency and blockchain company, where he earned a reputation within the community for his formidable ability to get things done. Joel has acted as Director of Prime Brokerage Technology at Deutsche Bank, has run offshore development teams, and has built many scalable and fault- tolerant systems over the years. He now smashes technological boundaries and ventures deep into the unexplored frontiers of crypto to bring unique opportunities to Stegos contributors.
Vladimir Lebedev
VP of Engineering
Vladimir has over twenty-five years of experience in managing technology in fintech, telecom, and media companies. His pioneering credits include creating the first FidoNet node in Soviet Union, the first remote banking application using asymmetric keys cryptography in Russia, and the first ISP in Western Siberia. Vladimir was CTO of the Russian stock exchange, where he created its trading system and network infrastructure. Vladimir has held executive roles at VEON (a telecom company with over two hundred millions subscribers), Sberbank (the biggest bank in Eastern Europe), Moscow City Telephone Network, Orange Business Services, Lucent Technologies, and Mail.Ru Group (the biggest Internet-media company in Russia). Over his career, he has led and successfully delivered many cutting-edge projects, in addition to launching his own companies, CPM and Cybertonica.
David McClain, PhD
Chief Rocket Scientist
David is literally a rocket scientist. Trained in theoretical and observational astrophysics, in addition to computer science, he brings an incomparable and extraordinary five decades of unique programming expertise to the table. David has served as a Principal Scientist in the aerospace industry where he built airborne LIDAR systems for underwater mine detection, and was a Senior Scientist on the Raytheon ExoAtmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) program. He is a true expert in numerous computer languages, including Lisp, and an authority on signal processing, image processing, guidance and navigation, radio-frequency and infrared target detection systems, and target tracking. He has twice addressed the European Common Lisp Meeting.
Roman Tsisyk
Core Blockchain Team Lead
Roman is a database and distributed systems expert who enjoys working on the cutting edge of technology. Over his fifteen-years career in Telecom and Internet industries, he gained broad expertise in software engineering as well as team and product management skills. Roman was a Team Lead and Core Developer of Tarantool, an open-source database and application server. He designed and implemented numerous technologies to store mission-critical data in a highly-available and fault-tolerant manner. During his career at Mail.Ru Group, one of the largest Internet companies in Europe, Roman used his deep expertise in data processing and distributed systems to create and launch Russian’s first Database-as-a-Service and BigData-as-a-Service products for the public cloud.
Eugene Chupriyanov
Senior Software Engineer
Eugene is the Site Reliability Engineer at Stegos, taking care of our development and production infrastructure. Eugene has more than thirty years of experience in DevOps/SRE, beginning at the Siberian Branch of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences in the early days of the Internet. He has helped build and manage networking and operational infrastructure in industries as diverse as science, telecom, media, and finance, and has held Senior DevOps/SRE positions with companies including The Russian Trading System, RosBusinessConsulting, Lucent Technologies, and Vimpelcom/VEON. He brings a deep passion for information technology and is dedicated to continuously learning the latest techniques and tricks to ensure that the systems he manages operate at the peak of security and efficiency.
Volodymyr Motylenko
Software Engineer
Volodymyr is a young but eager specialist in distributed systems, reverse engineering, cryptography and blockchains. His master`s thesis was focused on the design and implementation of a trusted platform module (TPM) for key and password management. Volodymyr was a member of a core team of one of the leading private blockchains, where he contributed to the input/output layer and inter-node networking protocols. He brings to Stegos a focus on high performance and a deep passion for algorithms, as well as advanced practical knowledge of the Rust programming language.
Drew Azarias
Growth Hacker
Drew is an industrial engineer who ventured into the marketing space in 2010. He has experience working for different multinational companies as well as startups alike doing growth marketing. He also worked for different digital agencies implementing SEO and PPC, but in 2018, he devoted all his efforts in managing communities and running marketing campaigns for blockchain companies. These days, what keeps Drew busy is his drive to become a machine learning engineer, taking up Python and Data Science courses.
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