Charlie's Vault
Charlie's Vault

Charlie spends his time traveling the world as a high-level business consultant. Charlie’s carries all of his customer information, intellectual property, client lists, and future deals on his laptop. Charlie no longer has access to the security infrastructure of a large company that used to protect him. Still, Charlie wants to keep his secrets safe.

In his travels, Charlie visits countries with security agencies, TSA agents, and border patrol officers that want to know what information he is carrying on his laptop. Charlie must reveal his password, or he won’t be able to travel through the border or checkpoint and this would keep him from being able to do his job.

Charlie moves his confidential files to the Stegos Vault before a trip and retrieves the files once he reaches his destination.

There's nothing to link Charlie to the information in the vault, even if he’s forced to unlock his phone or give up the password to his laptop.

  • When Charlie moves his files to the Stegos Vault App, the app gives him a picture that is no different from any other picture in his library, except that it will act as the key to his Vault.
  • Charlie will remove the app from his device so as not to attract undue attention if he is forced to reveal the password.
  • Once he arrives at his destination Charlie reinstall the app and use the picture-key that Vault gave him, plus the password to his vault, to access his information.

Without Stegos Vault, Charlie will lose his business if he is not able to see his clients because he didn’t reveal his password. Without his business, Charlie will end up bankrupt, destitute, and penniless. Stegos Vault gives Charlie the ability to not only protect the information he holds but to also protect his livelihood.