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Oct 29, 2019

Stegos Bounty and Hackathon Extended!

Dear Community,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the bounty and hackathon so far. Thank you for all your excellent content submissions and signal boosting of our own content.

Our community and network have both grown enormously, and we’ve been able to make huge efficiency improvements to our app and chain based on your feedback and bug reports.

We’ve recently translated the bounty into Chinese to reach our community. Participation has been through the roof, with a consistent flow of new members signing up.

As a result, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve decided to extend the bounty and hackathon by TWO WEEKS, taking the new end date to midnight UTC on Sunday November 17th.

And that’s not all: to make sure new players have a chance to do well and existing players aren’t penalized, we’re expanding both prize pools to $100k each, taking the total to $200,000 in STG!

Here’s what you can expect over the coming days and weeks:

  • New ways to interact with Jerry, including a Stegos quiz to boost your daily free tokens, and a simulation of the red packets feature.
  • Vlad’s Most Wanted, a wishlist from our lead developer for ways we’d like you to try and hack, break and otherwise cheat Stegos privacy and security. These are vital to making Stegos a success, so there’ll be huge rewards for contributions here.
  • We’ll also be adding a lot more Vyper tasks to keep you occupied. Starting today, look out for new tasks every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • The Vyper leaderboard will be overhauled, with a push to get more content manually verified and to remove users with illegitimately high scores from referrals.
  • More targeted ways to give us feedback and help us decide the best direction to take Stegos in.
  • And some more things I’d rather keep as a surprise!

Thanks to everyone who has already participated, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the Stegos bounty and hackathon.

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