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Nov 14, 2019

Mainnet Beta 5 Launched!

Dear Stegos Community,

This is the fifth beta release of the upcoming Stegos mainnet. Beta 5 is primarily a stabilization release, which fixes a major bug and brings many speed improvements. This release is fully compatible with Beta 4 Stegos blockchain and no other actions besides updating Stegos software is required from users.

Upgrading to Beta 5 is highly recommended, especially for participants of the bounty program.

Changes since Mainnet Beta 4:

  • Finally fixed DNS resolver on Windows
  • Fixed multiple corner cases in consensus
  • Fixed “entered unreachable code” bug
  • Enabled log rotation for stegosd.log by default
  • Fixed synchronization status after laptop hibernation
  • Improved automatic re-staking, which now happens at a random microblock during an epoch
  • Fixed LRU cache in PubSub protocol
  • Replaced buggy bitvector crate with bit-vec
  • Updated Rust Toolchain to 2019-10-30
  • Integrated all third-party dependencies into Cargo build system
  • Created a native port of Node and CLI to Android ARM64/x86_64 (no mobile app yet)

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